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Belgian Beer Café is a chain of concept cafe-restaurants specializing in Belgian-inspired food and Belgian beers. The company was founded in Brussels in 1998 by InBev and now is part of the Anheuser-Busch InBev Group. Currently, Belgian Beer Cafés can be found in 50 cities spread out over 19 countries.


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Cook (Former Employee) says

"If you can get along with the kitchen staff, then you are set to a good day at work everyday. Any concern relating to benefits and rights that are brought up to management, then you are at a loss. Owner sides with management/manager more than low ranking employees.Kitchen staff are cool peopleManagement i.e Managers. They work people like slaves. No freedom, no opinons, nothing whatsoever. Voicing out will only mean your hours getting cut."

Waitress (Current Employee) says

"work in the day to day basis was so simple, greeting the guest make sure you have served them according of what they have expect. take order for drinks and food make sure everything was ok during their dine in your outlet. I learned about most is just product knowledge, that's it. Belgian beer and some traditional Belgian food. What I could say about the management is they are weak in terms of the managing their team they will not listen to you. and they not even concerned about your growth. My colleagues are awesome I had a great team. Hardest part about job is nothing its just all about the management issue about other things. enjoyable part was that your guest enjoy and they have fun everything they come and visit you. specially when they can remember your name and come just to see you. putting such a good comment in such social networking site would be the most memorable and highly appreciated part of my food and transportation and medicalno overtime pay, poor accommodation."

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